The Nesar Record is an independent media outlet based in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq that produces fact-based, feature writing and investigative journalism in the public interest.

Named after the Sorani Kurdish word for the “shady side of a mountain,” The Nesar Record identifies and reports stories that “cast a light in the shadow.”

The goal is to create a space for discussion about vital issues in the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and neighboring areas that other publications overlook.

The Nesar Record will fill this space.

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Twitter: @NesarRecord

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Email: info@nesarrecord.com

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The Nesar Record is a growing collective of journalists. The core staff currently includes:

Hannah Lynch, a Canadian journalist and editor focusing on the environment and humanitarian issues.

Layal Shakir, an Erbil-based journalist covering health, conflict, and politics in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.

Winthrop Rodgers, an American journalist and editor focusing on politics, economics, diplomacy, human rights, and press freedom.